Friday, 9 October 2009

Oh those Spanish nights

8 October 2009 - 10:50pm
I write this journal entry with vigilant fingers as the sparkled purple polish dries on each fingertip (I never was good at holding still long enough for nailpolish to dry without smearing). I prepare for a Sevillan night out with a culmination of the funniest and most diverse Americans that could possibly be brought together under such nonconventional circumstances. With so much traveling already under my belt (3 countries in 3 weeks, not bad!) I excitedly watch the minutes pass until I meet up with the troublesome trio in our home base of AndalucĂ­a. Tonight’s itinerary includes Spanish pre-gaming (I have yet to see what that entails) followed by a night of romping at the discothèques (which might sound exuberantly nerdish to Americans but here, serves as a completely ubiquitous idiom). No time for details now, off I go! Updates of tonight’s shenanigans available tomorrow; exact time contingent on the hangover…

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